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Caution From Roofing Services: 5 Roof Damages To Watch Out For This Winter


The winter season can be very harsh on your roofs. Many homeowners never give it much thought and wait until spring to get in touch with roofers to come and deal with the repairs.

However, this is not the best option since you subject your roof to more damages as you wait for spring. If there is any snow or ice in your roof, its best to get in touch with the local roofers. Let them deal with the problem early enough. Below we look at some of the common roof damages that are caused by snow and ice during the winter season.

1. Icicle Formation

The same environmental conditions that form ice damming are the same that cause icicle formation. If not properly monitored these harmless winter creatures can cause some serious damages to the gutters and shingle so your roofs. They can also break off and fall on someone or cause serious damage to your house. The information on the Cherry and Clark Roofing website may have additional insights and can provide you with further support.

2. Ice dam formation

During winter our homes have a heated system to keep us warm. The warm air will rise up and end up heating up the shingles. The snow on the shingle will then melt and slowly flow to the colder parts of your roof. With time they will form small pools of water which will turn into ice because of the cold weather.

With time, the ice pools of water will become thick and cause the snow behind it to melt. This, in turn, causes water to start seeping into the shingles and into the inner parts of the roof. With time these ice dams will cause leaks that flow into the crannies and nooks and cause serious expansion on these parts of the roofs.

3. Heavy Rooftops

Every roof has been designed to handle a weight load. However, it’s important to note that different roofs have been made to handle different weight loads. During winter there is a massive accumulation of snow and ice on your roof. This means that without frequent reduction of this load, your roof is at risk of collapsing.

Wet snow tends to be very heavy and when this is combined with poor drainage on the roof and poor construction then your roof will be at a higher risk of collapsing. The obvious signs of a roof that is overstressed with weight are creaking, leaking and ceiling sagging. If not dealt with early enough this condition can cause serious damage.

4. Attic Condensation issues

Attic condensation in the roof occurs when the roof suffers from ice dams and other winter build ups. Excessive moisture built up will cause wood root and mold will start appearing. Moisture built up in the roof can also be caused by some home appliances malfunctioning.

5. Worsening the situation

If you make the mistake of not hiring roofers to inspect and repair your roof before winter, then be ready to deal with a catastrophic situation during and after winter. Snow not only causes new roof damages but it also worsens the existing roof damages that your roof might have.

Getting experienced roofers to carry out frequent roof inspection is the best way to protect your roof from any damages that might be caused by the winter season.


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